Our Work

In Chicago, there are ballast roof systems in place and replacing the roof today means removing the rock above to get to the roof so your roofing crews can get started. Velocity Roof Vacuum Services is a family owned and operated a business here in Lombard, Illinois.

We have been removing gravel, rock, stones, etc. from roofs, sinkholes, pools and anywhere you can think of that needs rock removed. Gravel vacuumed up isn’t your everyday task. We are committed to our customer in more ways than one, aside from vacuuming rock and removing the stone from roof systems. In Chicago, we emphasize people safety, fall protection safety, and equipment safety. The idea behind safety is that no one gets hurt, nothing gets damaged and everyone is happy. This idea must never be overlooked or under-minded; we keep our employees safe and our roofing vacuum services equipment maintained for proper usage.

Most of the photos below are demonstrations and others are the bare bones of the operation and how we handle roof vacuum and roof rock removal with our vacuum services. Some people are familiar with the roofing vacuum and others are not; this is here to give an idea. Rock removal – taking the gravel and other stone off the roof – takes a lot of manual labor and time when done traditionally with wheelbarrows and shovels. The present-day technology advances so much of our busy day already in place, making things faster and more efficient, like our Hurricane 600 roof vacuum. Technology has made it possible to manufacture strong powerful vacuums which can move thousands of pounds of stone, gravel, etc. off the roof surface and allow for a cleaner workspace for roofing companies.

Work Gallery

Here is the Velocity Roofing Vacuum Service work gallery. Also, be sure to check out some of the equipment that we use in order to accomplish our roofing vacuum service completed across the Northern part of Illinois.